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As soon as I picked Burton up from the airport, Burton started talking about not having any sex or jerking-off since his last visit. Hed been visiting family and was also camping, and he said there just wasnt any private time.
So, he was nice and horny, and pleased to meet Drew. He did express some concerns that his cock was on a hair-trigger after having been so long since he last nutted.
They started by having Burton suck Drews cock. We were deliberately steering away from too much action on Burtons cock.
He spins around on top of Drew, who starts playing and licking his hole.
Drew then moved down and started sucking his cock, and suddnely Cut! Drew jumped up, panic-stricken, busting a nut in his tightly enclosed fist. I would have shown you, but he stepped out of camera range, and as in times like this before, the model is really mad at themselves. I find it distressing, and not that sexy.
He toweled-off his cock, and quickly jumped back into the 69ing. We had hoped he hadnt had a full orgasm, but you can see his cock wilt as they move along.
Burton did not seem put off by it, and was still eager to get fucked and also said that all it would take would to be fucked on his back to cum again.
Drew really worked his ass good too. Burton even rode his cock like a pro also.
And sure enough, once Burton was on his back, his cock went from flaccid, to cumming (quite a bit too!), and then back to soft. Ahh, to be young!
Drew was holding back too, and bred his hole easily!

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