Corbin Fisher – (Rocky) Degrading Chris (1080p) adult video download


Rocky and Chris have become really good buddies since Chris arrived at CF. Rocky kind of took Chris under his wing, which is a big reason why Chris was quick to get so comfortable and at ease around here, and why he was also so eager to get in to some action with the other guys.
When Rocky fucked Chris for the first time, it definitely flipped a switch in Chris. Rocky’s dick just did something to Chris, and Chris has desperately wanted another round with it ever since. Have you ever seen a guy so eagerly, hungrily suck on a cock like Chris does here? Chris was literally gagging for it, and when he says, “I love your cock!” to Rocky, you know he really means it.
For Rocky’s part, few guys are as good as picking up on and feeding off of another guy’s energy as him. Rocky can tell right away that Chris is putty in his hands and will do anything he wants. He knows he can fuck Chris as hard as he wants and Chris will not only take it all, but love every bit of it.
If you want to see Chris practically worship Rocky and see just how smitten he is with him, then sit back and enjoy this one! And if you’re also in to feet? You’ll probably go wild here!

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Duration: 19:04
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Added on: April 20, 2023