Couple Swapping – You Two Are Still Young adult video download


Release Year: 2023
Studio: Couple Swapping
Cast: Dillon Diaz, Zak Bishop, Cyrus Stark, Alpha Wolfe
Genres: Blonde, Brunette, Anal, Teen, Tattoos, Hairy, Interracial, Facial, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Cumshot, Cum in Mouth, Swingers, Original Series, Student, Teacher, Bareback, Cut
Video language: English

Two young gay boyfriends (Cyrus Stark and Zak Bishop) are invited over to lunch at their college professor (Dillon Diaz)’s house and excitedly meet the professor’s husband (Alpha Wolfe).
As they all chat, the boyfriends are heartwarmed by the ‘how we met’ story of the two older men, amazed at how long they’ve been together and the life they’ve built for themselves. The husbands are modest as they say it took years to get to where they are, and that the boyfriends can have all this themselves someday with hard work and determination. The husbands then admit that their own relationship wasn’t always easy – they’ve had their fair share of ups and downs – and share a couple of stories of jealousy and bickering over the years.
The boyfriends are surprised to hear this, since the husbands seem so loving and harmonious. The husbands are flattered, and share things they’ve done over the years to improve their relationship, such as always making sure to keep date nights, knowing when to make time for themselves, and just being open about their wants and needs as a whole. In fact, one thing that really helped was to open their relationship a bit, since a lot of their squabbles and jealousy in their early years were fueled by attraction to other men. Opening the relationship did WONDERS for them – but then again, they’re sure the boyfriends know all about open relationships since younger generations seem much more accepting these days.
The two boyfriends look at each other a bit shyly. They admit that they only started dating when they were 18 and have never even been with anyone else before, let alone talked to each other about an open relationship. The husbands assure them that that’s okay, too, although they caution the boyfriends to be careful – they’re both still so young and it’s still very early to close themselves off to other sexual experiences for the rest of their lives! Even if they’re not into open relationships, they might want to consider at least exploring things as a couple, so that they don’t develop wanderlust over time.
The boyfriends look newly concerned about their future, and the husbands apologize since they certainly didn’t mean to scare the boyfriends! They just wish the best for them because they seem like such a handsome young couple.
Te husbands then exchange questioning/knowing looks before nodding a little in agreement. The husbands offer to swap partners with the boyfriends for a little bit of fun, insisting that this will be a safe place for them to explore and get out any lingering wanderlust desires. The boyfriends are hesitant at first but eventually convinced by the fact they won’t be cheating since they’ll all be in the same room together. In fact, it’ll actually be a couple’s activity!

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Added on: April 20, 2023