Elders Berry, Titov and Bishop Angus adult video download


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Two young Mormon boys are interviewed and ed by the bishop.
Elder Berry and Elder Titov went through hell together ” abducted, bound, stripped naked, and used, but the traumatic experience served to deepen the intimacy between the two elders. Elder Berry was hardly a virgin at the time, and he knew that what innocent Elder Titov needed to feel safe was not just emotional intimacy, but a little physical affection too. Their first night back, the two missionaries crawled into bed together and Elder Titov quickly learned how wonderful it is to fool around with another guy. Since then, Elder Titov has blossomed. He and his companion have been having condoned sex regularly, and Elder Titov has also been in to see the patriarch and had his butt probed with a big dildo which is used to prepare a young man to receive the true priesthood.
When the bishop calls the two boys in for an interview, they both know that something sexy must be in store. They wait politely for the bishop, their dicks already hard. When he comes in, both boys grin. But he gets straight to business. He makes out with Elder Berry and roughly removes his clothes, and barks out an order for Elder Titov to undress himself. Elder Berry loves being bossed around and roughed up, and he kisses the bishop eagerly. Elder Titov is a little more confused by the bishops severity, and he stands up uncertainly and hesitates. The bishop repeats his command and the boy starts to undress, an anxious look on his face.
Elder Berry has already been stripped to his sacred Mormon underwear by now, and the bishop can see his hard dick through the sheer fabric. He yanks on it, then pulls the boy in for more kissing. Elder Titov is nervous, but hes also starting to feel a little left out. Will the bishop manhandle him like that too? And the sight of the boy he has a crush on being treated roughly makes his dick ache. While the bishop gropes Elder Berry, Elder Titov takes his shirt and garment top off, revealing his ripped body. The bishop takes a good hard look. His favorite sight in the world is naked Mormon boys. Take your pants off, he tells Titov. And the bishop takes his own pants off, too. Elder Titov catches a glimpse of the bishops big, hard dick pressing against his garments.
The bishop drops to his knees and starts to eat Elder Berrys ass. Elder Berry moans. His hole is hungry for cock. He reaches out and runs a hand down his companions gorgeous body, very happy to be sharing this experience with him. Elder Titov strips completely naked and strokes his dick. He loves his companion, but he doesnt feel any jealousy at all. He is excited to see him take the bishops dick in his tight hole, knowing that itll make Elder Berry happy. The bishop sticks his thumb in Elder Berrys hole, opening it up for his thick shaft

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