The Bookworms – Matthew Keading And Jacques Le Coque adult video download


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Jacques LeCocque joined a book of the month club at school recently. The funny part is, hes not even into books. He really joined just to get closer to the class hottie, Matthew Keading. The boys have flirted around school for quite some time, but now that Jacques has Matthew alone, in Jacquess bedroom, the sexual tension is about to break.After finishing the boring novel of the month, Matthew suggests they fool around a bit. Of course, Jacques is in definite agreement. Matthew starts by pulling out Jacques fattening dick, wrapping his warm mouth around the large, meaty dong. Then Jacques reciprocates by sucking Matthew, enjoying every bit of his stiff cock. The two get more comfortable on the bed for some passionate 69 action. Then Jacques takes moves his way around to Matthews ass, carefully sliding his erection into the tight hole. The boys cant believe how good it feels. They switch so Matthew can experience Jacquess eager ass. Watch Matthew pound his friends soft, Twink ass as they both work up to a warm, explosive final chapter.Enjoy!

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Added on: April 20, 2023