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Steven Scarboroughs signature Trunks series ignites once again with blazing action so hot, so intense, its White Heat. Starring Francesco DMacho and Vinnie DAngelo, Trunks 4: White Heat features the debut of Ty LeBeouf, a hunky Louisiana firecracker whose sexual energy ignites the fuse of everyone he meets. Bulging behind the tightestand skimpiest Speedos, these Hot House men suck and fuck the biggest cocks in Palm Springs during five white-hot scenes shot at the deserts most exclusive private residences. So go behind the gates of these luxurious estates and see what happens when eight-foot privacy hedges give you the freedom to get naked and fuck all day long in the white-hot California desert.After a game of tennis, Christoph Scharff invites Francesco DMacho home for a swim. Once inside the enormous estate the two men head out to the secluded back yard where they dive into a gorgeous custom-made swimming pool. DMacho wastes no time pulling Sharffs fat uncut cock out from behind his Speedo, then stands up to reveal his own massive cock. They greedily swap deep-throat blow jobs until DMacho decides to get a taste of Scharffs pristine hole. He licks and probes Scharffs ass, priming it for invasion by his rock-hard, fat Italian ramrod. On the verge of blowing his load, Scharff turns the tables on DMacho and takes a turn drilling his muscled ass. Finally DMacho blows his load, followed by Scharff, who explodes in streams of flying white cum.Sun-worshiping Vinnie DAngelo stands by the pool, spraying himself with oil and rubbing himself down. Nick Marino enters just in time to help DAngelo with his back. Before you know it, DAngelo has Marinos thick tool out, which he takes to the base. The two men move into a sixty-nine position on a nearby chaise lounge. DAngelo mounts Marinos face for a deep rim job while he goes to work on the hot Latin cock. Insatiable top DAngelo works Marino over onto his shoulders and proceeds to fuck him deep. He pulls out, flips over and sucks Marinos cock until he shoots his load before Marino does the same.DMacho and C.J. Madi are sitting around the pool, showing off their big meat. Both men have more cock than their small Speedos can contain and DMacho falls to his knees to worship Madis massive incher. Next DMacho stands up and fucks Madis thick pouty lips, followed by his giant round ass. Madi aggressively throws DMacho into a nearby chair and finger-fucks his hole and sucks his uncut cock. DMacho orders Madi to put his big dick inside him and Madi eagerly complys, pounding DMachos hungry hole from every angle. Both men stand up and jerk off, shooting huge loads onto the camera lens below.Two of the biggest cocks in Palm Springs battle it out under the white hot sun when Thom Barron finds chiseled, horsehung Tyler Saint lying by the pool. They take turns expertly sucking and jacking each other until Saint decides hes ready to fuck. Barron bends over a chair and opens his hole to Saints monster cock. Fresh from a shower Park Wiley joins the action and goes down on Saint, taking all mega-inches down his throat. All three men dive into the pool to cool off and return with raging hardons. Middle-man Wiley gets both holes filled by the giant tops, Barron taking his ass and Saint filling his mouth. They swap sides and pound the willing bottom until all three dump their loads.Ty LeBeouf licks, chews and works Dak Ramseys huge cock right through his Speedo. Ramsey pulls it out and the more LeBeouf sucks it, the harder both cocks get. Ramsey gets a taste of LeBeoufs beef before they move onto a nearby lounge chair where LeBeouf offers up his twitching hole. LeBeouf squirms and sweats until he cant bear it any longer. He jumps up and throws Ramsey down for a sizzling flip-flop fuck, drilling his hole like a solar powered jackhammer. Drenched and panting, the horn dogs sit next to each other and rub one out.

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